Packing Tips

What to Bring

  1. Bible, reading material
  2. Notebook, pen, stationery
  3. Sleeping bag or bedding
  4. Pillow case; favorite pillow
  5. Enough changes of clothes to last for two weeks (shirts, shorts/pants, socks, underwear)
  6. 1 or 2 dress-up outfits, for Gospel teams (dress shoes, socks, belt, jacket/tie preferred)
  7. Pajamas / sleepwear
  8. Jacket / sweatshirt / rainwear
  9. Sneakers / play shoes
  10. Old canvas sneakers / swim sandals (the lake is stony)
  11. Swim suit
  12. Toiletries, soap, shampoo. toothbrush, comb, etc
  13. 3 towels
  14. Wallet / identification
  15. Spending Money (see below)
  16. Optional: camera, flashlight, sport gear
  17. Optional: personal performance materials (e.g., music, instruments, tapes, props)
  18. For returning JIM Clubbers: Leadership Notebook, sermons, scripts, magic, puppets, mime gear, juggling props, etc. (All previous platform material polished and ready for Gospel teams.)

What to Leave Behind

  1. Cell phones, music players
  2. Practical jokes, pranks
  3. Playing cards
  4. Comic books
  5. Bubble gum
  6. Skateboards
  7. Knives, toy weapons
  8. Fireworks, matches
  9. Cigarettes, vaping supplies

Spending Money

No charge is made for any boy’s room, board, instruction or training materials. However, boys may deposit money into their account upon arrival to spend while they are at camp. Any unused money will be returned at the end of the session.

When arriving at camp, please bring spending money in U.S. funds only. Checks, if necessary for personal spending money, can be payable to “JIM CLUB”, but please write on the memo line: “SPENDING MONEY FOR (YOUR SON’S NAME)” to distinguish his spending money from a gift to camp.

Boys may spend personal money in the following ways:

  1. Gospel Magic / Juggling / Ventriloquism – Boys are allowed to purchase effects within their range of ability. Magic tricks, juggling supplies, and ventriloquism puppets are sold to the boys close to cost. Magic, juggling, and ventriloquism can be a lifetime ministry investment.
  2. The Store – A small camp store is open once a day for 2-3 treats maximum. Three generous meals and extra snacks make items at the store optional. JIM Club souvenirs are also available.
  3. Outings – Once in a 2-week session we may go to the Midway Amusement Park. Maximum spending: $10.