The J-I-M Pin Story

The engineer steps down from the steam locomotive.  In the blue haze of the early morning, rail and tie are familiar under his boots.  The chill on the air bristles his whiskers.  He seems rough and ready.  His face is weathered.  The hands are tough with callus.  The other railroad men call him “Ole Grizzly Bear”.

But there’s been a change.  He’s been quieter.  His feelings are pent up like steam behind a half-ton piston.  And today there is something brand new on his grimy overalls.

A pin.  A small, round pin with three letters: J I M.  Jim happens to be his name. Jim Davis.

The other workers spot the pin.  “Hey, Jim! Why ya got yer name on a button?”

His answer catches them full and clean.  “This isn’t just my name.  The ‘J’ is for ‘Jesus’, the ‘I’ stands for ‘Is’, and the ‘M’ stands for ‘Mine’.  Jesus is mine.  Is He yours?”  What a train of thought for railroaders!

So began the travel and testimony of 3 letters on a circular field.  Tens of thousands of JIM pin replicas have been made.  The simple translation, “Jesus is Mine”, has been spoken beyond count.

Jim Davis, Sr. passed that idea down to his son, Jimmie Davis, who began the Boys JIM Club of America in 1954.  Jimmie was an evangelist who traveled from California to New York, presenting the gospel as a preacher and gospel magician, musical soloist with voice, piano and trumpet, children’s worker, soul-winner and song-leader for large evangelistic rallies.  He poured his life and those ministry skills into boys’ lives in a way that made the expression of Christian faith contagious.

Over the years, thousands of boys have worn the JIM pin and learned formal and informal ways of declaring, “Jesus is mine”.

A sample of the JIM pin is available on request.  It’s not exotic jewelry.  However, you might use it to “pin” up prayer reminders.  Or you could be even bolder and wear it awhile.  If people ask about the pin you should say…

“Jesus Is Mine … Is He Yours?”