Financial Support

The Boys JIM Club has a special vision for the leadership training of pre-teen Christian boys. To that end we are actively seeking out boys with an unusually soft heart and leadership potential — boys who have shown the spirit of a young Samuel, Daniel, or Josiah.

Most of the boys in our program are specifically recommended by JIM Club staff or alumni who are well acquainted with our program and know the kind of boy who would most benefit from this leadership opportunity. Boys are drawn from almost every American state and Canadian province, Latin America, and occasionally from the British Isles, Europe and other countries abroad.

Counselors are “home grown” graduates from the JIM Club program. Volunteer staff are usually campers’ moms and dads committed to quality supervision, camper safety, nutritious meals and a spiritual environment for about 40 boys each session.

Since its beginning in 1954, this experience has been offered to thousands of boys free of charge. JIM Club is not underwritten by any denomination or corporation. It is a faith ministry supported by Christians. A not-for-profit corporation recognized in the United States and Canada, all gifts receive a grateful acknowledgement and a receipt for tax deduction in the USA or Canada. A full statement of our financial philosophy is available upon request.

We appreciate your desire to financially support the ministry of the JIM Club. Thank you for your support! There are several ways that you can support the JIM Club:

You can read our Financial Philosophy, which describes how we solicit and use gifts.