We sent a letter on May 30 to let all JIM Club families know that JIM Club will operate this summer! We are excited to run camp and welcome everyone back with additional health precautions in place.

Read the full letter here.


The Boys JIM Club of America is governed by two Boards of Directors – one in the United States and one in Canada. The Board of Directors is responsible for high-level decisions, finances, and the long-term longevity of the camp.

U.S. Board of Directors

  • Jeff Batchelder (Michigan)
  • Dave Beckwith (New Hampshire)
  • Paul Gustafson (Colorado)
  • Leonard Rex (North Carolina)
  • Dick Sharber (New Jersey)
  • Jay Adams (Ohio)

Canadian Board of Directors

  • Stephen Fisher (Ontario)
  • Bill Gray (Florida, USA)
  • Paul Lutley (Ontario)
  • Malcolm Seath (Ontario)
  • Trevor Seath (Ontario)
  • Brian Stapley (Ontario)