Become a J.I.M. Clubber

The Boys J.I.M. Club of America has a vision for the leadership training of preteen Christian boys with unusually tender hearts. We are seeking boys with the spirit of a young Samuel, Daniel, or Josiah.

Most clubbers have been recommended by J.I.M. Club staff or alumni who know our program and the kind of boy who could most benefit from this opportunity. Recruiters usually have a longstanding, personal acquaintance with the boys they recommend, and follow them up in a pastoral way, encouraging their spiritual growth between summers. The boys are drawn from all over North America and occasionally overseas. There is no charge for a boy’s stay at camp.

Although the boy you have in mind may not be directly recommended by staff or alumnus, he could be the young leader we are looking for. He might be your son, Sunday school student, midweek group member, or neighbor. To put his name forward, here is what we would like you to ask him to do. Ask him to write us a lengthy (1 to 2 pages) letter to explain:

  • How he became a Christian and what he would like to accomplish for God.
  • What opportunities he has had to serve the Lord.
  • Why he would like to come to JIM Club.
  • Any special talents, interests, or accomplishments.
  • His date of birth. (Entry age is 10-13.)

Once he has written a letter, please email it to our registrars at for consideration. We hope that his letter may give us a real, personal sense of who he is and what his heart is like. If these introductions lead toward membership as a J.I.M. Clubber, registration forms will be sent, including a recommendation questionnaire for school and church. We will respond to his letter directly.

Can you picture him? Can you recommend a boy?

He’s just like your boy, or none you’ve ever seen.

He likes playing sports. He likes reading a book.

He is strong as steel. He is light as feather.

He is creative and whimsical. He is logical and methodical.

He eats like a Clydesdale, or like a hummingbird.

He is unassuming. He is undaunted hero.

He is from Montreal, Canada. He is from Los Angeles, CA.

He is a Ventriloquist and Magician, or a Pantomime and Actor.