Christian Leadership Training


The Boys JIM Club of America is a Christian leadership training camp for pre-teen boys in a two-week residential setting. The teaching is conservative, evangelical, and practical for personal and public life.

Primarily a summer camp, JIM Club’s ministry also carries on year round, with counselors and staff expressing continued interest in campers through letters, personal visits, workshops and gospel teams. Boys are encouraged to be dependable sons at home, to be active participants in their church, and to be “doers of the Word” in school and with their friends.

The only character requirement for JIM Club membership is a heart unusually dedicated to Jesus Christ — pre-teen boys who not only are saved but also have shown Christ’s Lordship in their lives to an exceptional degree. We are looking for Samuels, Daniels and Timothys to promote their spiritual potential.

Our counselors were once campers and are now passing on what they learned to the next generation. All of our staff who serve at camp do so on a volunteer basis.

Rules for acceptance and participation in the program are the same for every boy regardless of race, color or national origin.