Typical Day at Camp

Below is what you can expect to enjoy on a typical day at camp. Of course, every day has some sort of special event, and we try to vary the order each day, but this gives you a glimpse into what life at JIM Club is like.

08:00am – “Radio Show” and Wake-Up
This is your official wake-up call in the morning over the P.A. system. The show often features jokes, silly songs, and a fun and interactive contest (the prize being a free item from the store!). Be sure to put on some clean clothes, brush your hair, and get ready for a fun day at camp.
08:15 – Personal Devotions
Grab your Bible and head over to the Living Room. We’ll assemble for a minute or two to talk, and then we’ll send you on your way to let you pray and read the Bible before breakfast.
08:45 – Praise & Worship (or continue personal devotions)
Once you’ve finished praying and reading, come to the Rec Hall and we’ll sing a few songs before breakfast begins.
09:00 – Breakfast
Enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared for us by our wonderful cooks. Each day alternates between a hot and a cold breakfast.
09:30 – Clean-Up and J.I.M. Jobs
Return to your room to clean up your belongings and make sure everything is spic and span. When you’re done, you can pitch in and help with a bit of the cleaning work around camp. (As part of learning servant-leadership, each boy has a limited chore — cleaning and housekeeping to keep camp ship shape.)
10:15 – Morning Group Devotions
Now that the camp is in order, you can grab your Bible, a notebook, and a pen and go to the Burrows. We’ll start off with a few worship songs, and then we’ll hear some interesting teaching from one of the counselors – maybe even your own counselor!
11:15 – Free Time
A chance for you to have some free time! You can play a game of basketball, challenge a friend to a game of pool, or perhaps work on memorizing your sermon.
12:00pm – Platform Skills Class
Meet up with your counsellor to work on your sermon, magic trick, ventriloquism, dramatic monologue, or whatever you’re working on. This is a great chance to get some advice and polish up, especially if you want to present at the Saturday Afternoon Program or on a Gospel Team.
12:45 – Lunch
Another great meal prepared by our mom cooks. Be sure to meet someone whom you haven’t talked with before.
01:30 – Rest Period
After a lot of fun activities in the morning, we’ll give you a chance to lie down and rest in your room. If you don’t feel like sleeping, then you can read, draw, memorize a sermon, or write a letter.
02:30 – Store / Free Time
For those of you with a sweet tooth, you can head on down to the Store to purchase a chocolate bar, soft drink, freezie, or other delicious item. If you don’t feel like buying anything, then you can enjoy a bit of free time.
03:00 – Sports
Meet at the flagpole to break off into teams. At JIM Club, we play just about every sport you can think of – basketball, soccer, frisbee, football, softball, lacrosse, ball hockey, and even speedball (a weird mixture of soccer, football, rugby, and basketball). Some days, you’ll have a choice of sports to pick from.
04:00 – Swimming
After an intense sports period, it’s time to cool off – and what better way than to go for a swim in Lake Chautauqua? It’s a great way to cool off and have some fun in the afternoon sun. Maybe we’ll even have a game of Marco Polo or Bucketball going!
04:45 – Dry Off
A quick break for you to dry off and change after swimming.
05:00 – Electives
Each week, you can pick from a number of electives. We always offer Magic, Music, Ventriloquism, Juggling, and Drama; depending on interest, we may also offer Mime or Ballooning. The classes are taught by counselors who have been practising these skills for many years. With the exception of Music, you don’t need any experience to sign up for an elective. If you have any equipment that would useful for your choice of elective, feel free to bring it to camp!
05:45 – Break
A short break for you to relax, hang out with your friends, and wash up before supper.
06:00 – Supper
Meet at the Rec Hall for your third meal of the day – home-cooking warm from the oven.
06:30 – Free Time
Another chance for you to relax and have fun. You can ride one of our bikes, play a game of foosball, get some friends together for a game of ball hockey, or just talk with your counselor.
07:00 – Recreation
Meet in the Teardrop for a cross-camp game, such as Capture the Flag, Star Wars, Underground Church, or perhaps even a water fight if it’s hot enough.
08:00 – Break / Cool Down
A short break to cool down after a fun Recreation time. Sometimes there will be a snack (such as ice cream, popsicles, or watermelon).
08:15 – Evening Group Devotions
Head over to the Living Room with your Bible for a nighttime devotional for the whole camp led by one of the counselors, or with your own counselor in your room groups. Some nights, we’ll have a “concert of prayer” or a campfire instead. Be sure to get a glimpse of the sun setting over Lake Chautauqua.
09:00 – Get ready for Bed
After the devotion finishes, head back to your room to brush your teeth, get changed, and get into bed.
09:15 – Room Time
Before going to bed, your counselor might read a short story to you, share a short Bible reading, or close the day in prayer with your roommates.
09:30 – Lights Out
And after a long day, it’s time to turn off the lights and go to sleep. Be sure to get a good rest – it all happens again tomorrow.

Special Events

Each session at camp, there are a number of special sessions and events that occur. Our schedule is different every session, but the list below should give you an idea of what to expect during a typical two-week session.

Week One

  • Registration
  • Saturday Afternoon Program
  • Top Ten List
  • Get to Know the Campers
  • Gospel Teams
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Dos & Don’ts (learn the rules of camp)
  • Distribute Personal Devotion Books
  • Select Elective (Magic, Mime, Music, Ventriloquism, Juggling, Drama, Ballooning)
  • Room Day (spend the day with your roommates)
  • Picnic Lunch
  • Counselor-Determined Activity (outing with your counselor)
  • Letter Writing Class
  • In-Room Devotions (devotions with your roommates, led by your counselor)
  • Camper-Counselor Time (select from several counselor-led activities)
  • Concert of Prayer (prayer for each others’ needs)
  • All-Camp Soccer Game
  • Gobbledeegook (audition for the Saturday Afternoon Program)
  • Movie Madness (movie night with popcorn and refreshments)
  • Gobbledeegook
  • Camper-Counselor Time
  • In-Room Devotions

Week Two

  • Saturday Afternoon Program
  • Top Ten List
  • Gospel Teams Preparation
  • Gospel Teams
  • JIM Club Memorabilia and Nostalgia (learn about the camp’s history)
  • Select a New Elective
  • Counselor-Determined Activity
  • In-Room Devotions
  • Camper-Counselor Time
  • Trip to Midway Amusement Park
  • Wiener Roast
  • Campfire
  • Gobbledeegook
  • Souvenir, Magic, and Juggling Sale
  • All-Camp Baseball Game
  • Concert of Praise (evening of praise & worship music)
  • Room Day
  • Picnic Lunch
  • Counselor-Determined Activity
  • In-Room Devotions
  • Saturday Afternoon Program
  • Say Goodbye to Camp