Stocks and Appreciated Investments

To support the work of The Boys JIM Club of America, you can donate stock and other appreciated investments such as bonds, real estate, or other personal property. Over time, these assets grow in value well beyond your original investment. Sale of an asset may then trigger substantial capital gains taxes. You can avoid those capital gains taxes by donating your appreciated assets to a charity (as allowed by laws established by the Internal Revenue Service). In doing so, you receive a tax deduction for the full value of the donated asset, without having to pay any capital gains tax. Further, the charity receiving your gift does not pay taxes; therefore it receives the full market value of your donation.

Please consult with your financial advisor as to applicable laws.

For more information about this giving option, please contact our Treasurer at We will provide you with an information sheet and a charitable donation form, which you can complete and fax to our broker’s customer service office.